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When you receive your Insurance policies do you read them?  If you do, do you understand what you are reading? Give me a few minutes of your time to help you understand what your policy says and why it’s important!   We drive our cars every day!  We drive to work, to school, on vacations, and running errands. READ MORE >>

This week is National Teen Driver Safety week!  It feels like just yesterday your kiddo was born and today, they’re getting their driver’s license.  It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time! READ MORE >>

Becoming a rideshare driver (think Uber/Lyft) is a great way to earn a little extra income. You set your hours and schedule, and are your own boss. But, did you know there's a gap in your auto insurance coverage when you drive for a transportation network company (TNC)? READ MORE >>

Summer's here -- which means it's golf season! And if you drive a golf cart, you may need to be thinking about golf insurance. Yes -- golf insurance. If you drive a golf cart only around the links, you might not don’t need additional insurance. But if you own a cart and use it anywhere else, you might. READ MORE >>

Picture this: you buy a new car, taking advantage of low financing and no down payment. A month later, you get into an accident. In this scenario, what you owe on the car is greater than what your car is worth. In other words, there's a "gap" between the vehicle's value and your loan -- and you're responsible for the difference. READ MORE >>

It's common knowledge that one of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your car insurance premiums is to raise your deductible. But is it worth it? Here are 3 scenarios where you should think twice about raising your deductible: 1. You have a new car Congrats -- you have a new pair of wheels (and likely, a new car payment. READ MORE >>

'Tis the season for the holidays -- leaving our waistlines a little bigger and our bank accounts a little smaller! While we can't offer any advice for keeping your diet on track (that's what January's for, no?), we can help you save a little money this holiday season. How? READ MORE >>

Next time you hail an Uber in Pittsburgh, you might end up riding in a machine-run vehicle! In August, NPR reported on Uber's plan to run an experiment in Pittsburgh, where it will test the first-ever self-driving fleet that's available to everyday customers. READ MORE >>

We've talked about self-driving cars before, debating the pros and cons of these cars of the future. However, this week, Bloomberg Technology posted a bullish case for self-driving cars. In this article, the media mogul quoted a recent study by insurance broker Aon Plc. According to Aon, premiums for U. READ MORE >>

If you get into a car accident, what do you replace the damaged parts with? Will any old part do, or should you replace with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts? Does it matter? And, more importantly, what does your insurance cover? READ MORE >>

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