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There are lots of ways technology can be seen as a negative: smartphones are to blame for the recent increase in car accidents, robocalls flood our phone lines, consumers have to worry about online identity theft, the list goes on. However. READ MORE >>

Summer break's here, and more and more of us are likely hitting the road for vacation! And with increased driving comes increased risk for accidents. Before you hit the road, however, it's important to be prepared in the event of an accident. READ MORE >>

Technology can't replace humans -- especially when it comes to insurance. However, a recent article published in VentureBeat, called "How chatbots can settle an insurance claim in 3 seconds," challenged this idea. READ MORE >>

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and the most thoughtful gift for Mom may be a new insurance policy! If you can answer "yes" to any of the following scenarios, give your agent a call to see if you need to change or add an insurance policy: Is it Mom's first Mother's Day? She may need life insurance. READ MORE >>

Happy November! Fall is a great time to review your insurance policies and make any necessary changes. And, when it comes to making changes or asking questions regarding your policy, nothing beats one-on-one human interaction. Customer service is key when it comes to insurance. READ MORE >>

Driver education classes, "practice" driving hours and memorizing road rules are all important parts of learning to drive -- but there are things only seasoned drivers know (like how you just know that guy in front of you is going to stop suddenly and turn, despite his turn signal not being on). READ MORE >>

For many of us, paying our insurance premiums every month can feel like, well, a waste of money. If we're lucky, we don't actually see our money being put to use -- because, the majority of the time, those worst-case catastrophes never happen. READ MORE >>

So you're at the checkout, about to click "purchase" on your online order, when a box pops up asking if you'd like to pay an extra $70 for an extended warranty. You're splurging on a brand-new, $600 DSLR camera... so you hesitate. Should you buy the extra insurance? Is the $70 worth it? READ MORE >>

Most of us probably remember the massive information breach at Target in late 2013. For many who shopped at the mega retailer between November and December 2013, the holidays weren't so merry that year as their personal information was compromised. READ MORE >>

We've all been there: you're signing the papers to rent a brand-new Ford Focus for a week, when the representative asks: "Are you interested in purchasing rental insurance?" Um... are you? Is it a good deal? Do you really need it? Today we are talking about Rental-Car Insurance -- the pros, the cons, and whether you do, in fact, need it. READ MORE >>

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