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Etler-Kettenacker Agency Blog: fall

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If the recent rainfall has you nervous about wet basements, backed-up lines or leaky roofs, you're not alone. Lately, Cincinnati could easily be mistaken as Seattle -- and many of us are probably lacking a key form of coverage in our homeowner's policy: Flood insurance. READ MORE >>

As homeowners, raking leaves might be the most hated task. Unlike shoveling snow or mowing, raking leaves feels like a Sisyphean task that just.won't.end. But -- there may be good news! The Natural Wildlife Federation (NWF) actually recommends that homeowners ditch the rakes. Here's why: READ MORE >>

As the weather cools, back porch grill outs become backyard gatherings 'round the fire pit. (Even for adults, nothing beats a warm fire and s'more!) If you have a fire pit, or are considering adding one to your yard, here are 4 things to consider: 1. Permanent or Portable? READ MORE >>

We "fell back" last weekend; and while that may have bought you an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, you were probably shocked to find it getting dark at 5 p.m. Daylight savings time brings winter, shorter days and longer nights -- which means you'll likely be driving in the dark a lot more. READ MORE >>

With temps starting to dip into into the 40s at night, you may be tempted to run your furnace. And while conserving energy is great -- it's actually a good idea to get the ole' furnace running sooner rather than later. Testing your furnace out before winter hits is a wise choice, as it allows you to make sure there aren't any leaks, odd smells or issues. READ MORE >>

We've all been there -- you're driving on the road, minding your own business, when a deer suddenly jumps in front of your vehicle. Or, perhaps you notice a squirrel or bird in the middle of the road as you approach -- but it doesn't seem to notice you. Or, you're in your neighborhood when a cat wanders into the street. READ MORE >>

It's been a crisp, beautiful fall week here in the Tri-state -- perfect for pumpkin patches, hay rides and football! This cooler weather also serves to remind us that yes, fall (and eventually winter) are upon us. For homeowners, fall is the time to take care of your yard! READ MORE >>

Happy Fall, friends! Hard to believe, but cooler temps, fall colors and football season are just around the corner! In a nationwide survey, nearly 30% of Americans chose fall as their favorite season -- and it isn't any wonder why. READ MORE >>

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