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If you're about to spring for a new vehicle, you may be wondering about the various warranties and coverage offered through the dealership and your insurance company. Specifically, you may be hearing about "New Vehicle Replacement Coverage" - and wondering whether that's something you should ask your agent about. READ MORE >>

By its most basic definition, insurance is protection against the unexpected. It’s paying for piece of mind. No one expects to run into car trouble an hour into their road trip -- but things happen! As you hit the road for vacation this summer, we recommend adding roadside assistance to your insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Today we are going to talk about liability coverage -- and why you might need to increase yours! Liability coverage covers injuries or damage to other people or property if you're at fault for an accident. It's part of your auto insurance policy, and is covers two types of damage: READ MORE >>

For many of us, paying our insurance premiums every month can feel like, well, a waste of money. If we're lucky, we don't actually see our money being put to use -- because, the majority of the time, those worst-case catastrophes never happen. READ MORE >>

Safeco Boat Insurance This week Etler-Kettenacker Agency posted a page about the rolling out of Safeco Boat Insurance new boating insurance plan.  You can find the full page at http://www.ekagency.com/safeco/boat_insurance.aspx.   READ MORE >>

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