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  Why do you need homeowners insurance? What if your home were destroyed in a storm, where would you go?  How would you replace your home, clothing, furniture? A homeowner’s policy will provide coverage on your dwelling (home), and personal property along with offer liability insurance if anyone were to be injured on your property or cause property damage. READ MORE >>

When you receive your Insurance policies do you read them?  If you do, do you understand what you are reading? Give me a few minutes of your time to help you understand what your policy says and why it’s important!   We drive our cars every day!  We drive to work, to school, on vacations, and running errands. READ MORE >>

It's common knowledge that one of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your car insurance premiums is to raise your deductible. But is it worth it? Here are 3 scenarios where you should think twice about raising your deductible: 1. You have a new car Congrats -- you have a new pair of wheels (and likely, a new car payment. READ MORE >>

'Tis the season for the holidays -- leaving our waistlines a little bigger and our bank accounts a little smaller! While we can't offer any advice for keeping your diet on track (that's what January's for, no?), we can help you save a little money this holiday season. How? READ MORE >>

We’ve all been there: you’re driving down the highway and a rock flies into your windshield, immediately cracking it. Or maybe you come out to your car after work to find a brand-new chip in your windshield. Windshield chips are unfortunately part of driving. Stuff happens! READ MORE >>

Alright: it's quiz time! Today we are going to play a round of "Would You File an Insurance Claim If...". Answer the following questions honestly -- and remember, this makes a great game for the next family get-together! Would you file an insurance claim if... READ MORE >>

If you are sending your kids off to college this fall, you might be wondering about insurance. Specifically, insuring all that stuff you bought for your college-bound kid: computer, books, bikes and, in some cases, furniture. READ MORE >>

Mortgage/rent, groceries, savings, insurance... these are the non-negotiable expenses in someone's monthly budget. And let's face it, most of us aren't exactly thrilled to shell out a portion of our hard-earned money for insurance -- especially car insurance. READ MORE >>

It's June, which not only marks the start of summer, but also wedding season! For those of you with June anniversaries: happy anniversary! For those couples planning a June (or summer) wedding, this post is for you! June weddings have been popular since the dawn of time -- well, at least since Early Roman times. READ MORE >>

Today, we are going to begin our "Insurance 101" series. In this series, we'll discuss all things related to insurance: terms, topics, types -- if it's insurance-related, we will be talking about it. While this insurance stuff gets us really fired up, we realized it's not the most exciting stuff for most people. READ MORE >>

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