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So you got engaged for Valentine’s Day — congrats! Or maybe your sweetie surprised you with that rose gold bracelet you’ve been subtly dropping hints about for months. Or, perhaps you’re the jewelry buyer, and wondering if you should purchase insurance on your hefty new investment? READ MORE >>

It has been COLD around here lately -- and there's still lots more time before Mr. Groundhog makes any predictions about spring. In addition to being a nuisance, cold weather can also wreak havoc on your pipes, gutters, cars -- you name it! Here are 5 tips to help avoid any weather-related damage to your property this winter: READ MORE >>

For many of us, paying our insurance premiums every month can feel like, well, a waste of money. If we're lucky, we don't actually see our money being put to use -- because, the majority of the time, those worst-case catastrophes never happen. READ MORE >>

So, maybe you just got married and are about to go on your honeymoon. Or school's out, so you and the fam are taking a summer vacation. Or maybe you recently retired, and you and the spouse are about to travel the world! Summer is by far the most popular time to vacation. READ MORE >>

Memorial Day kicks off pool season, with community, private and residential pools opening their doors until Labor Day. Keep your kids safe this summer with the following precautions: The Community Pool/Swim Club In addition to protecting your kids from the sun with appropriate hats/sunscreen, your kids should never run by the pool, as it's usually very wet and slippery. READ MORE >>

Can you believe this weekend is Memorial Day? This all-American holiday means barbecues, pools, and summer. As insurance agents, we are always thinking about safety. There are many things to keep in mind as you head outdoors this summer; but today, we are going to discuss something that will be happening in homes across America: grilling. READ MORE >>

Ok, ok -- last "spring cleaning" post for awhile. Today's topic: stuff you should do to "spring clean" the outside of your house. Because, from an insurance agent's perspective, this stuff matters! Not to mention, a well-kept lawn just looks nice (hello: curb appeal!). 1. Mow your lawn. READ MORE >>

It’s finally spring, which means warmer days, pleasant temperatures, and lush greenery and bright flowers. Unfortunately, in Cincinnati, spring also means rain, thunderstorms, and sometimes even tornadoes. If inclement weather causes damage to your property, are you covered? Let’s take a look. READ MORE >>

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