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Many times we receive the question, "Why is my auto insurance more expensive than my neighbors or friends?"  There are many different factors that go into insurance rates and no one is exactly the same.  Here are just a few of the components of auto insurance rating.  READ MORE >>

  In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many of us are likely thinking about flood insurance. While Southwestern Ohio isn't in hurricane territory, we aren't immune to the effects of hurricane season and/or flooding (see above picture of the Cincinnati riverfront from the 2015 flood). READ MORE >>

Car insurance companies are paying out claims in record high numbers. Inevitably, this will have an effect on your insurance premium, as insurers have to raise rates to offset these claims. What's causing this spike in claims, and what can you do? The experts at Selective Insurance explain the 4 reasons your car insurance rates are rising: READ MORE >>

Do you have flood insurance? If so, your rates may be going up. Beginning April 1, National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance policy premiums will increase by an average of 6.3%. How much your insurance will increase depends on the type of policy you have. READ MORE >>

Looking for something to cheer you up on this gloomy Wednesday? Consider this: it costs less to drive in Ohio than almost every the other state in the county. In fact, Ohio auto insurance is second only to Maine in its affordability. As of 2016, drivers in Ohio will spend, on average, $899/year on car insurance. READ MORE >>

As we get older and go through life's many milestones, our car insurance premiums can change. We know it's probably the furthest thing from your mind (especially as you're saying "I do!" or welcoming a new baby), but it's true. Much of the time, these life changes affect your premiums for the better; meaning, they'll result in significant savings. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is something most of us need -- but choosing the type, terms and amount of life insurance can be daunting. Do you want term life insurance, or universal? Is a higher premium better? Do you really need a $1 million dollar life insurance policy? Today we're explaining everything you need to know. READ MORE >>

We've talked about self-driving cars before, debating the pros and cons of these cars of the future. However, this week, Bloomberg Technology posted a bullish case for self-driving cars. In this article, the media mogul quoted a recent study by insurance broker Aon Plc. According to Aon, premiums for U. READ MORE >>

It may sound like something out of The Jetsons -- but self-driving cars are here! According to recent data, as many as 10 million cars will be outfitted with self-driving features by the year 2020. While exciting, these futuristic vehicles have opened up a whole can of worms. Especially for insurance companies. READ MORE >>

One of the ways you can save major money on car insurance is by opting for a plug-in diagnostic kit. Known as SmartRide, Snapshot or In-Drive (depending on your insurance company), this device attaches to the inside of your car (like an external hard drive connects to a USB port) and gives you personalized feedback to help you make safer driving decisions. READ MORE >>

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