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Etler-Kettenacker Agency Blog: online shopping

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If you've been asked to swipe your credit card lately, you may have noticed a new machine at checkout. Or perhaps you opened the mail to find a brand-new Visa with a shiny microchip embedded in the front. In fact, by the end of the year, your whole wallet will have undergone an overhaul, with all your old credit cards replaced with new-and-improved chip cards. READ MORE >>

So you're at the checkout, about to click "purchase" on your online order, when a box pops up asking if you'd like to pay an extra $70 for an extended warranty. You're splurging on a brand-new, $600 DSLR camera... so you hesitate. Should you buy the extra insurance? Is the $70 worth it? READ MORE >>

Those last-minute deals online are too good to pass up: 40% off and free, 2-day shipping? Quadruple rewards points? And no long lines at the mall? Online shopping is a great way to snag great deals -- all from the comfort of your own home (and in your pjs with your favorite warm drink!). READ MORE >>

Before you click “purchase” for that new coffee maker, consider this: statistics show that every dollar spent at a locally owned business generates roughly three times more economic activity than the same dollar spent at a national franchise. READ MORE >>

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