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Etler-Kettenacker Agency Blog: life insurance

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  My name is Jaime and I’m an agent at Etler Kettenacker Agency. Before I got into the insurance industry I did not really understand the importance of insurance or how it worked.   I swear I would hear the teacher from Peanuts when someone would talk insurance!   READ MORE >>

  We all know we need life insurance, but coverage depends on a variety of factors; most notably, age. Here's a breakdown of life insurance coverage by age: In your 20s... Life insurance may be the furthest thing in your mind during your 20s, but it shouldn't be. READ MORE >>

Insurance provides peace of mind for whatever life throws your way, which is priceless. However, insurance itself does come with a price. And, while there are many ways to save money with your policies, the truth of the matter is, not all policies are worth it. But there are certain types of insurance every single person needs, period. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is something most of us need -- but choosing the type, terms and amount of life insurance can be daunting. Do you want term life insurance, or universal? Is a higher premium better? Do you really need a $1 million dollar life insurance policy? Today we're explaining everything you need to know. READ MORE >>

No one likes to talk about life insurance -- or really, any insurance, for that matter. Because insurance implies that something bad could happen -- and no one wants to think about that. The ultimate "something bad" is death, right? Not to get all philosophical before you've had your morning coffee or anything. READ MORE >>

Etler-Kettenacker Agency’s Year in Review      This week Etler-Kettenacker Agency wanted to review with our clients and friends some key insurance topics discussed in our articles and blogs of 2013.  The Etler-Kettenacker Agency’s Year in Review article can be found at http://www. READ MORE >>

LIAM: Life Insurance Products This blog is the last of four installments for LIAM (Life Insurance Awareness Month) at Etler-Kettenacker Agency.  The past blogs have discussed why you need life insurance; Life Happens,” how much your life is worth and the stages of your life when you will want to evaluate your life insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Life Insurance Awareness Month This week and for the next three weeks Etler-Kettenacker Agency with LIFE is going to observe Life Insurance Awareness Month.  LIFE (The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education) is a non-profit organization that has the primary goal of educating ... READ MORE >>

Insuring Your Stay-At-Home Partner This week Etler-Kettenacker Agency posted a page on the importance of insuring your stay-at-home partner and a few reasons why it is important.  You can read the pull page at http://www.ekagency.com/insurance/stay_at_home_partner.aspx.   READ MORE >>

Insure Your Love February is Insure Your Love month at Etler-Kettenacker Agency.  Life happens and it happens fast.  Life insurance can protect your loved one.  As an example, as a husband how much money would your wife need to pay for your funeral expenses? READ MORE >>

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