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Etler-Kettenacker Agency Blog: self-driving car

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  Self-driving cars promise to transform the automobile industry - and not just for insurers. A recent report in Insurance Journal states that self-driving cars will completely change life for motorcyclists -- for the better. It's a simple safety equation: when robots are at the wheel, far fewer bikers will die on the road. READ MORE >>

A recent accident involving self-driving cars has once again put this new technology in the news. Last month, an Arizona driver turned left across three lances of traffic just as the light was turning from green to yellow. According to a report from the Tempe, Ariz. READ MORE >>

2017 has just begun -- but, as this video shows, the future is already, in fact, here. We've talked about self-driving cars before; most notably, how these smart vehicles could affect insurance premiums (both negatively and positively for consumers and insurers!). READ MORE >>

Next time you hail an Uber in Pittsburgh, you might end up riding in a machine-run vehicle! In August, NPR reported on Uber's plan to run an experiment in Pittsburgh, where it will test the first-ever self-driving fleet that's available to everyday customers. READ MORE >>

We've talked about self-driving cars before, debating the pros and cons of these cars of the future. However, this week, Bloomberg Technology posted a bullish case for self-driving cars. In this article, the media mogul quoted a recent study by insurance broker Aon Plc. According to Aon, premiums for U. READ MORE >>

It may sound like something out of The Jetsons -- but self-driving cars are here! According to recent data, as many as 10 million cars will be outfitted with self-driving features by the year 2020. While exciting, these futuristic vehicles have opened up a whole can of worms. Especially for insurance companies. READ MORE >>

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