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Etler-Kettenacker Agency Blog: tax return

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This week we are continuing our discussion of all things taxes, and looking at scenarios where you should hire an accountant. Listen -- we are all for DIY, and Turbo Tax is a great resource for lots of people! However, if you fall into any of the 7 scenarios we are about to outline, you may want to consider hiring a pro. READ MORE >>

Happy March! While the deadline for filing your 2015 tax return isn't until Monday, April 18, let's all agree to get those taxes done this month. As you begin the process, here are 25 tax deductions you might not be aware of -- but should know about! Health insurance premiums (100% deductible for the self-employed! READ MORE >>

Tax season is upon us, and as you sit down to fill out your 2015 return, you may find yourself scrambling to track down all of those receipts, W2s and other important documents. Having an organized filing system is critical -- and easy! Here are 4 ways to stay organized, so you can have everything you need to maximize that return! READ MORE >>

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