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For most of us, it's been a few years since Driver's Ed. Do you remember bus safety rules? This infographic breaks down when you should stop in relation to a bus on the road. You want to make sure you're following these guidelines, as they're designed to keep the bus's passengers safe! READ MORE >>

Have a kid in a car seat? The American Academy of Pediatrics updated its guidelines recently on car seat usage and safety. The CDC's updated guidelines are more concise and transparent, making life much easier for parents! Here's what you need to know about the CDC's updated car seat guidelines: READ MORE >>

Stop the press! We interrupt your normally scheduled insurance news feed with an important announcement: For a third year in a row, Ohio is offering a weekend-long sales tax holiday in August to help back-to-school shoppers reduce the cost of clothing and school supplies. READ MORE >>

Despite your best efforts -- and there are probably some insurance mistakes you might be making. (Hey, nobody's perfect!) Especially with regard to saving money on insurance premiums, there are some cost-cutting moves that could really cost you. Read on for 5 common insurance mistakes, and how to avoid them -- and still save money! READ MORE >>

  Here's a statistic: according to a 2016 survey, 28% of owners had plans to remodel their existing homes within the next 12 months. (For millennial homeowners aged 18 - 29, the number climbed to 37%). As insurance agents, it's important to stay in touch with clients in order to provide the best, most up-to-date coverage. READ MORE >>

Insurance provides peace of mind for whatever life throws your way, which is priceless. However, insurance itself does come with a price. And, while there are many ways to save money with your policies, the truth of the matter is, not all policies are worth it. But there are certain types of insurance every single person needs, period. READ MORE >>

Becoming a rideshare driver (think Uber/Lyft) is a great way to earn a little extra income. You set your hours and schedule, and are your own boss. But, did you know there's a gap in your auto insurance coverage when you drive for a transportation network company (TNC)? READ MORE >>

  Your phone rings -- and although it's an unknown number, you answer, because it's local. After you say hello, there's a pause, and then a recorded message saying you can lower your interest rate or get a better deal on insurance. Sometimes, the "caller" even claims to be from the IRS. READ MORE >>

When planning a summer vacation, the question of whether or not to purchase travel insurance is a tricky one. Most credit card companies offer some form of travel insurance to cardholders who use their card when booking a vacation. (That's an important caveat: you can only purchase travel insurance from the credit card company from which the vacation was booked. READ MORE >>

  Summer's here, which means it's pool season! We've got 5 swim safety tips here, and safety tips for pool owners here, but today, we're going to discuss a swim safety topic everyone should be aware of: Dry Drowning. READ MORE >>

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