Yoga Studio Insurance

The last two weeks Etler-Kettenacker Agency has highlighted West Bend Mutual Insurance Company and the niche insurance coverages they offer.  This week is the final installment of the three week series regarding West Bend Insurance.  This week EK Agency would like to highlight the Yoga Studio Program offered by West Bend Insurance.  The Yoga Studio Insurance Program offers liability, property and other yoga studio insurance coverages, when needed, such as Employment Practices Liability Insurance.  In addition to these key coverages specific to yoga studio insurance; West Bend offers 24/7 top-notch customer and claims servicing of your yoga studio insurance policy. 


West Bend offers general liability and specific liability yoga studio insurance coverage for all styles and types of yoga including Bikram.  West Bend offers liability insurance for yoga instructors and for participants of yoga.  Under general yoga studio insurance liability, inaccurate advice given to students by employees is a covered peril.  These are just three examples of the types of yoga studio insurance liability coverage offered by West Bend.


West Bend offers property coverage under their Yoga Studio Insurance Program.  Possible property insurance coverages for a yoga studio are building or renters’ property insurance and property insurance for yoga studio equipment and supplies.  West Bend offers a premium package, Platinum Pak.  This additional yoga studio insurance coverage provides property coverage for business computers and employee theft. 


West Bend urges owners of yoga studio to speak with their agents regarding additional yoga studio insurance coverage that may be available and applicable to you and your yoga studio.  Examples include; Inland Marine coverage for yoga equipment or increased liability via an Umbrella policy.  Etler-Kettenacker Agency representatives are familiar with all of the coverages available to owners of yoga studios via West Bend’s Yoga Studio Insurance Program.  EK representatives will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding West Bend’s Yoga Studio Insurance Program.   


Should you become a customer of West Bend’s Yoga Studio Insurance Program, you will receive access to claims representatives 24/7 via the phone, fax or email.  All of the claims representatives are experienced in working with claims that typically occur in fitness or wellness industries.  This type of niche expertise is reassuring when you have a claim and are an owner of a niche business. 


As a company, West Bend has the most diverse market for niche businesses.  These niche businesses were outlined two weeks ago, in week one of the West Bend series.  Yoga Studio Insurance is just one example of the niche markets covered by West Bend.  Feel free to contact Etler-Kettenacker Agency to discuss your specialized insurance needs for your business.  You are sure to get great coverage at a competitive premium due to Etler-Kettenacker Agency’s diverse access to insurers.     

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