Safeco Boat Insurance

Etler-Kettenacker Agency is pleased to introduce a new program for all boaters! Safeco Boat Insurance is being premiered this month with a new policy for boaters.  Many of us long to be on the water during the summer and protecting our boat and its contents takes any worry out of an unfortunate incident that may occur on the water. 

Safe Boat Insurance offers a very competitive plan for boaters and this page is dedicated to highlight the many benefits offered by Safeco.  The Safeco Boat Insurance plan is offered as a yearly plan and offers many extras.  These extras included in the premium are; protection for your pets, personal property and equipment, towing and labor expenses, fuel spillage and wreckage removal and optional fishing equipment coverage up to $20,000.

Many boaters often love to include their beloved pets in the family fun out on the water.  Safeco Boat Insurance offers protection for your pet while out on the water.  Pet protection is becoming more popular in other insurance policies such as home and auto.  Safeco is now offering pet protection while they are with you and your family while enjoying fun on the water.

Safeco Boat Insurance provides coverage for your personal property on your boat and boating equipment.  This coverage is found under the physical damage portion of your policy.  To help determine between boating personal property and boating equipment; personal property does not require you to have a boatSafeco gives the example of scuba equipment and fishing equipment, both can be used without a boatBoating equipment coverage required the use of a boat.  Safeco give the example of water skis and marine electronic equipment.  Safeco Boating Insurance offers $750 on personal boating property.  There is an option for increased amount for personal effects; the Captain’s Package increases the personal effects coverage to $2,500.

Along with fuel spillage and wreckage removal Safeco Boat Insurance offers and additional $500 in emergency towing coverage in the case of a boat breakdown on the water.  If you would like extra emergency coverage you can purchase the Captain’s Package and receive on-land roadside assistance for your trailer.  There is one other extra option if you should choose the Captain’s Package.  This additional coverage is new boat purchase price protection. 

Etler-Kettenacker Agency representatives are knowledgeable and instructed on the Safeco Boat Insurance plans.  Once you purchase this boating coverage from Safeco an EK representatives will review your policy on a yearly basis due to the depreciation of your boat and current market prices of boats.  This review of your boat on a yearly basis will save EK’s Safeco Boat Insurance customers money on their premium and ensure that your boat is properly covered.

If you are thinking about purchasing a boat consult an Etler-Kettenacker Agency representative to help you determine the type of boat or personal watercraft insurance you will require and what type of personal watercraft will require higher premiums.  Once your boat or personal watercraft is purchased rest assured that Etler-Kettenacker Agency will ensure you have the proper coverage for your boat, personal effects and boat equipment and your family year after year leaving you and your family to enjoy your time on the water.      

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