Pekin Insurance

Etler-Kettenacker Agency represents Pekin InsurancePekin Insurance does not have the advertising presence such as Progressive or Nationwide however they offer excellent types of insurance coverages at competitive rates.  Etler-Kettenacker is pleased to represent Pekin Insurance.

There are three coverages that Etler-Kettenacker Agency would like to highlight that are offered by Pekin Insurance.  The three insurance coverages are; pet coverage, equipment breakdown and waste water line coverage.  Insurance coverage for your pet is becoming more popular but it is still not widely offered.  Pekin Insurance offers coverage for your dog or cat that covers accidental injury or illness coverage for your pet.  This coverage does not cover preventative care, pre-existing conditions or congenital conditions.  Despite these exclusions, anyone who has a pet, coverage for medical care for your pet can be very costly.  This is even more so today because the medical technology for the care of your pet is becoming more advance.  Our pets are very important to us and are considered a member of our family.  Pekin Insurance offers competitive rates for accidental injury or medical illness insurance coverage for you feline or canine loved one. 

Water and Wastewater Line Coverage is another unique coverage offered by Pekin Insurance.  This coverage is an excellent and useful endorsement particularly for older homes that have clay pipes connecting your water and wastewater lines to your utility tie-ins.  Pekin Insurance covers the costs for service to repair leaks or breaks of your “water line” due to normal wear and tear.  This type of coverage is unique and well worth consideration if you live in an older home.  In addition to the coverage for the repair of your “water line” Pekin Insurance will cover the site restoration outside your home is excavation is required to repair your “water line.”  The site restoration consists of back filling, raking and reseeding.  The final significant Water and Wastewater Line Coverage offered by Pekin Insurance is an additional limit of $500 to pay for sidewalks, road openings, driveways, restoration of trees, shrubs and other paved surfaces if required to repair your “water line.”  This coverage in and of itself is valuable. 

One other coverage that Etler-Kettenacker Agency would like to highlight and that is offered by Pekin Insurance is Equipment Breakdown Coverage for your home.  This type of coverage is often offered for business however it is unique to equipment in your home.  The equipment covered under this option that generates, transmits or utilizes energy or during normal usage, operates under vacuum or pressure, other than the weight of its contents.  The result of the loss must be due to an accident.  An accident is considered a mechanical or electrical breakdown or tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging of a steam or hot water heater or an air conditioning system.  The Equipment Breakdown coverage offered by Pekin Insurance is particularly valuable if you do not have Home Warranty or even as an additional coverage to your Home Warranty.

Etler-Kettenacker Agency representatives are available to discuss each of these coverages in detail and offer you a competitive quote for these unique insurance coverages offered by Pekin Insurance.