Motorcycle Safety

The idea for this page regarding motorcycle safety was inspired by the awareness of several yard signs stating “Share the Road” with a picture of a motorcycle on it.  Upon reviewing the death and injury statistics reported by the CDC, motorcycle death and accident have increased fourteen out of the last fifteen years.  Etler-Kettenacker Agency supports motorcycle awareness and motorcycle safety.

Several reputable sources state the same reasons for the increase in motorcycle deaths and the need for motorcycle safety.  The increases are due to two main factors; increase in the use of motorcycles due to the rise in fuel prices and the repeal of helmet laws by state. 

There are simply more motorcycles on the road due to their fuel efficiency.  Motorcycle licensing courses are full with waiting lists thus proving that more people are taking to the road on a motorcycle.  This reason alone is why motorcyclists and vehicle drivers should just think about motorcycle safety and keeps it in mind while on the road.

As of 2013, only nineteen states require all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet.  In 1997, twenty-six states required all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet.  Despite what the law of your state is, making the personal choice to wear a helmet is the safest option when on the road as a motorcyclist. 

There are some key motorcycle safety tips for vehicle operators when sharing the road with motorcycles.  The most important motorcycle safety tip is to give the motorcycle room.  Do not follow the motorcycle too close or “tailgate” the motorcycle.  It is recommended to give the motorcyclists plenty of room when pulling out in front of the motorcycle.  Motorcycles do not have the same stopping ability of a vehicle.  As a motorcyclist, be mindful of giving yourself plenty of room when pulling out in front of a vehicle.  Most motorcycle accidents occur when another vehicle impedes the motorcyclists’ right of way.

Motorcyclists can play their role in being safe on the road and mindful of motorcycle safety by taking a training course before testing for their license.  States should offer additional and conveniently timed courses for their riders.  Statistically, more motorcycle accidents involve an unlicensed rider.  Additionally, most motorcycle accidents occur with riders between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine.         

With the increase in motorcycle accidents and injuries Etler-Kettenacker Agency urges vehicle operators to be aware of motorcycles on the road and motorcyclists sharing the road as well by being aware riders.  Riders should consider keeping their motorcycle coverage throughout the year.  Occasionally Ohio experiences unseasonably warm weather during the fall and winter months and inspires a nice day for a bike ride.  So, enjoy that nice day and be covered by avoiding periods of no motorcycle coverage during the cold months.

Both riders and vehicle operators should be equally responsible for sharing the road by doing their respective parts.  Etler-Kettenacker Agency urges everyone to be aware of the above motorcycle safety tips.  Have a safe rest of the summer and enjoy your travels.