Making a Home Content List

Many of us don’t think of making a home content list and storing it in a fireproof safe with other important documents that must survive a major loss to your home such as a fire.  Making a home content list can be as simple as a video recording or as specific as a spreadsheet with approximate values.  Etler-Kettenacker Agency suggests that if you don’t already have a home content list to make one as soon as time allows.  You may think you know every item in your home but often times after a tragic loss and the claim has been settled you will often think of things you forgot to mention.

The simplest way of making a home content list of all of the contents in your home is to take a small recorder with or without sound and video each room of your house ensuring that you capture all of the items in each room.  Many phones, cameras and small HD recorders are sufficient.  If you have one with sound capabilities then you have the option of describing the item’s name, brand, model and serial number if applicable.  No item is too small or less meaningful to you; you may have an extensive CD collection, antiques that increase in value over time or a designer outfit.  When the recording is complete simply place it on a flash drive or CD and store in a fireproof rated safe.

Another option for making a home content list is utilizing the MyStuff2 Pro Home Inventory and Database by Apple.  This app is priced at $4.99 and is available for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads with an iOS 5.0 or later.  This is a relatively new app therefore the reviews have not been posted.  The screenshots represent the capabilities to photograph your home’s contents and place them in multiple different categories.  There are a few additional useful features as well.

A third option for making a home content list is writing down all of your items, their descriptions and putting them in a Microsoft Word or Excel document.  The degree of itemization is up to you however it is useful to have a photograph, item name, brand and serial number if possible.  This information can also be placed on a flash drive or CD for safe keeping in a fire-rated safe. 

After reviewing your home or dwelling content list review your policy to ensure you are properly covered via your home insurance.  You may have forgotten to add a valuable piece of jewelry to your Inland Marine coverage or may not have accounted for your extensive DVD or CD collection.  If you are unsure of your Content coverage please feel free to contact one of Etler-Kettenacker Agency’s representatives to find out your content coverage and if you have enough to recover all of your content due to an unfortunate event.  You can never be too prepared for a loss by making a home content list.