Insurance Agents

Etler-Kettenacker Agency is comprised of two core components; insurance agents and the very important customer service staff.  Many of EK’s customer service staff is also licensed insurance agents.  The purpose of this page is to enlighten EK’s current and prospective customers on what an insurance agent is, what they do and their importance in our economy.  And if you would like to become an insurance agent for Etler-Kettenacker Agency what your future outlook as an insurance agent would look like.


First, there are two kinds of insurance agents.  There are captive insurance agents that are only licensed to sell for one insurance carrier.  These are carriers such as Nationwide, State Farm and Farmers insurance.  The other type of insurance agent is an independent insurance agent.  These agents are brokers for several insurance carriers and are able to compare policies for their clients to offer the best coverage for each client at a competitive price.  Etler-Kettenacker Agency is an independent agency.


Many people have a fair idea of what their insurance agent does for them but an insurance agent has quite a few “behind the scenes” responsibilities.  The independent insurance agent is responsible for keeping up to date on all of the products each of the companies they represent.  This is no small task particularly when an independent agency such as EK Agency sells multiple lines of coverage such as personal and commercial lines, life, health and long-term care coverage.  In addition EK agents also sell financial products.  EK insurance agents are required to be licensed in every state they sell insurance and must keep their license active by attending continuing education classes. 


Insurance agents are responsible for keeping their client’s best interests at the forefront of their business.  Etler-Kettenacker Agency has employed trusted insurance agents and customer service representatives for almost four decades.  EK insurance agents are constantly reviewing their current clients’ insurance needs and reviewing their policies to make sure their clients are properly protected.  Insurance agents also assist their clients in the event of a claim.  When an accident occurs or you or your family suffers a loss your insurance agent is the person you turn to for help to get your life back on track.  A responsible and caring insurance agent is there for their clients at all times.  EK Agency takes prides in the fact that they monitor calls on weekends or evening hours in the event one of their clients suffers from a loss.  EK agents, when you think about it, are responsible for your financial livelihood and even lives by insuring their client’s lives.  This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.


Insurance agents also play a significant role in our economy.  Properly insured people are less of a burden on society and less of a detriment to others.  A simple example is a properly insured driver.  When a person is responsible for an accident, it is the insurance agents due diligence to ensure that their client has the proper coverage to pay for their client’s damage to others.  An at-fault uninsured or underinsured driver can cause hardship to others by causing the not at fault driver financial hardship by required repairs to their vehicle or to pay for medical treatment of injured drivers.  Properly insured drivers can reduce city or state financial responsibility to repair city or state property if damaged by an at-fault driver. 


If you are thinking of becoming an insurance agent the job outlook between 2010 and 2020, according to the United State Bureau of Labor, is expected to increase by 22%.  This number is astounding.  So much so that it is the fastest average increase than all other occupations.  With the new health laws looming in the near future the client base for health insurance is expected to rise.  The internet has proven to be a non-threat to the personal insurance agent.  Studies still show that the general public still relies on their insurance agent’s knowledge of coverage and ability to obtain the best price for their customers than their own attempt to purchase insurance via the internet.  Talking with a live person is still desired amongst most people.


Etler-Kettenacker Agency employs licensed and knowledgeable insurance agents and has done so for many years.  EK Agency’s priority is YOU!  Whether you are a current customer or thinking about becoming a new EK client, EK Agency is here to serve you with confident and knowledgeable insurance agents and customer service staff.