Frankenmuth Insurance Commercial Lines

Last week Etler-Kettenacker Agency featured Frankenmuth Insurance and their great lines of personal lines insurance products.  This week EK Agency will focus on the commercial insurance products offered by Frankenmuth Insurance. 


Frankenmuth Insurance Commercial lines offer a wide variety of commercial products for its commercial customers.  Frankenmuth Insurance has Businessowners products for the following categories; artisan contractors, auto service, home business, mercantile, hotel/motel (in select states, refer to your Independent Insurance Agent), office, service/processing, wholesale, and select manufacturers.  To cover these areas of business, Frankenmuth as designed seven different Businessowners policies with set coverages.  These coverages include: replacement cost on your businesses’ building and contents, Loss of Business Income for up to 12 months, accounts receivable coverage, incidental malpractice coverage and limited worldwide liability coverage.  There are also additional coverages for industry specific BOPs. 


Frankenmuth Insurance Commercial lines also offer the Commercial Package Policy.  This policy is more of a tailored plan for your business.  As a customer you and your Agent can decide from the following short list to create a Commercial Package policy that suits your business needs;

  • Commercial Property: Includes buildings, business contents, property of others, outdoor property
  • Commercial Liability
  • Crime Coverages: Employee dishonesty, burglary, safe burglary
  • Inland Marine Coverage
  • Employment Related Practices Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Professional Liability

These are just a select core of the options you can add to your Frankenmuth Commercial Package policy, there are many more lines of coverage you may add.


Frankenmuth also offers a Business Auto policy.  This is one of the top Business Auto policies on the market and can be tailored to your business fleet needs.  Whether you have just a couple of vehicles in your fleet or multiple vehicles, Frankenmuth has a Business Auto plan for you.


Equipment Breakdown is a stand-alone policy with Frankenmuth Insurance.  It can be added to your BOP or Commercial Package Policy.  This policy covers your business in the event of equipment breakdown that has a direct impact on your business.  This coverage pays for lost revenue and repair of equipment.  Any of EK Agency’s commercial representatives are available to give you the complete list of items covered under this plan.   


Frankenmuth Insurance Commercial lines also offer a Commercial Umbrella policy.  The Commercial Umbrella policy is a recommended coverage that offers blanket for your business at a nominal fee.  Frankenmuth offers Umbrella coverages from $1 million to $10 million.


If you are a business with employees, Frankenmuth’s Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides defense settlement coverage for a variety of wrongful employment claims.  Currently, Frankenmuth has offered defense settlement coverage for Third-Party EPLI claims.  These types of Third-Party claims include harassment and discrimination claims.  Not only does Frankenmuth Insurance provide EPLI insurance they provide HR education as well.  If you as an employer are unsure about certain practices, you will have access to a state-specific HR website with an immense amount of HR regulation information and guidelines for you to access at any time as a Frankenmuth customer.  EPLI may also be combined with Workers’ Compensation insurance offered by Frankenmuth to protect you and your employees.


The past two weeks has been a brief overview of what Frankenmuth Insurance has to offer both personal and commercial customers, and it is impressive.  If you would like to learn more about Frankenmuth Insurance Commercial lines contact any of EK Agency’s commercial representatives.  EK Agency is proud to be working with Frankenmuth and is experienced and has knowledge of all products available through Frankenmuth Insurance.