Wedding Insurance

As spring comes to a close and summer begins, so does the wedding season.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days in a couples’ life.  A momentous occasion such as a wedding should be insured.  According to CNN Money, in 2012 the average cost of a wedding was $28,400.  That is equal to a very nice new vehicle for many.  This is yet another reason why a couple should consider protecting their wedding day with wedding insurance.

Etler-Kettenacker Agency and Travelers offers a wedding insurance policy to cover almost any situation for a low cost.  The following is an overview of what EK Agency can offer you from Travelers to protect your wedding day: 

  • Wedding Dress Coverage: This coverage offers repairs to replacement to the bride’s gown or the groom’s tuxedo if it is lost or damaged.
  • Lost Deposits: Wedding insurance can reimburse you for any deposits lost if a vendor goes out of business or declares bankruptcy before your wedding.  This coverage also protects the couple if the vendor does not show up to deliver their services at the wedding.  
  • Lost rings:  This type of coverage repairs or offers replacement cost if the bride or groom’s wedding bands are lost or damaged.
  • Severe Weather:  Very severe weather can ruin a wedding day.  Wedding insurance provides reimbursement for expenses that cannot be recovered due to a wedding being postponed due to severe weather such as a hurricane.  This would be particularly useful for a destination wedding.
  • Transportation Shutdown:  If your wedding day is postponed due to commercial transportation shutdown which prevents the bride, groom and parents from arriving to the wedding you may be reimbursed for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Destroyed Photos: Since photographs of your wedding day are one of the most important services; wedding insurance covers the expense to re-take the photos if the photographer’s film is defective or the negatives are lost or damaged.
  • Call to Duty: This coverage applies to brides or grooms that are military service people.  If the bride or groom is called back to active duty or military leave is revoked causing the wedding to be postponed, wedding insurance reimburses you for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Damaged Gifts: Wedding insurance offers repair or replacement cost to damaged wedding gifts.
  • Sudden Illness: If the wedding day needs to be postponed due to a sudden illness of the bride, groom or parents, wedding insurance provides coverage for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Venue Requires Insurance: An option that the bride and groom may add to their wedding insurance plan is liability insurance in the case that guest is injured or causes damage to the venue property.
  • Liquor Liability: This is an individual liability option that protects the bride and/or groom against alcohol-related occurrences.  There are some policy exclusions that an EK Agency representative can discuss with you. 
  • Additional Expense:  This option under wedding insurance coverage pays the difference if a vendor becomes unavailable at the last-minute and a replacement must be found.

As you can see, wedding insurance covers any occurrence that may arise that could cost you extra expense if you must postpone your wedding or if key components of your wedding are damaged or destroyed.  Wedding insurance offered by Travelers can be purchased for as low as $160.  Compared to other wedding costs, $160 is well worth the peace of mind that your day will be perfect even if it is postponed.  An Etler-Kettenacker Agency representative will be there to discuss your options for wedding insurance.

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