Frankenmuth Insurance

This week (Part 1) Etler-Kettenacker Agency would like to spotlight Frankenmuth Insurance as well as next week (Park 2).  Frankenmuth Insurance has been a trusted personal and commercial lines insurance company that Etler-Kettenacker Agency entrusts many of their clients with.  Frankenmuth offers a wide variety of personal and commercial products.  For Part 1, Etler-Kettenacker will highlight Frankenmuth’s personal lines insurance products.

Frankenmuth Insurance offers four personal lines homeowner’s products that are applicable for the Tri-State area.  The four products are;   

Ultra Home Guardian

This is Frankenmuth’s most comprehensive homeowner’s product offered by Frankenmuth.  Frankenmuth’s Ultra Home Guardian policy includes many coverages that client’s typically have to purchase in addition to their standard homeowner’s policy. 

Home Protector

Frankenmuth’s Home Protector product is available for homes of any value.  The Home Protector product is very popular with Frankenmuth Insurance customers.  The Home Protector provides coverage for contents, outbuildings and loss of use in addition to the standard homeowner’s coverages.   


Tenant & Condominium

Tenant (Renter’s) and Condominium products provide coverage for policyholders who have very little or no liability for the structure for which they reside.  This product provides affordable protection for clients whose greatest concern is their contents and/or personal property.


Dwellings Under Construction

If you are building a home, there are many risks that need to be insured against.  Some examples are; the structure under construction, equipment on your property and general property liability.  Frankenmuth offers all of the coverages needed for a home under construction then converts the plan to a homeowner’s product when the construction is complete.

Since 1921, Frankenmuth Insurance has made personal auto insurance their core product.  Frankenmuth states they offer the most comprehensive auto insurance coverage at a competitive rate.  In addition to auto insurance, Frankenmuth offers insurance for sport vehicles and boats.  These include all-terrain vehicles, boats with inboard, outboard and inboard/outboard motors up to 26 feet including the trailers that haul these vehicles.  For boats over 26 feet Frankenmuth offers an excellent product called Personal Marine insurance.  This is a very comprehensive policy for watercrafts over 26 feet. 


The next personal lines product offered by Frankenmuth Insurance is a unique product, the Collectible Car package.  This product is for antique vehicles, classic vehicles, and street rod and custom vehicles.  There are several criteria that must be met for these types of vehicles to be insured by Frankenmuth.  The vehicle must be stored in a locked trailer or garage, individually owned by insured and must be in Superior condition and used on a limited basis.


Frankenmuth Insurance also offers personal umbrella coverages.  This type of coverage follows you worldwide.  This coverage in in excess of your liability insurance coverage available through your homeowner’s and personal auto policy, it is extra layer of coverage to protect you against a litigious society and is an important insurance product if you have any assets.


Etler-Kettenacker Agency representatives are always available to discuss Frankenmuth Insurance’s personal insurance products.  EK Agency values Frankenmuth as a trusted carrier and is confident in the products that Frankenmuth provides.